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Who We Are

JSE Associates designs and facilitates public involvement processes to engage stakeholders, share information, and build agreements in multi-stakeholder environments. JSE Associates was founded by Jody Erikson in 2012 and is certified DBE.

Our Services

Multiple Stakeholder Process
consensus building, assessments, convening, data sharing, strategic planning

Public Involvement
public meetings, communication strategy, outreach materials

developing communication norms, strategies and roles for inter-agency and internal teams

facilitation, mediation, collaboration, problem-solving, public involvement

Our Philosophy

JSE Associates believes that the best solutions are crafted by groups of individuals who are operating at their best.

Our Approach

JSE Associates specializes in personalized engagement strategies and techniques that enable stakeholders to be creative, intelligent, and comprehensive in developing enduring solutions, plans and relationships.

We are skilled in processes designed to move stakeholders:

Fighting to be right... ...Working together to craft solutions
Talking past/at each other... ...Listening and building mutual understanding
Insisting on a solution to address their own needs... ...Developing sustainable solutions that best balance all needs and complexities
Acting out from fear of the unknown... ...Building trust and relationships through sharing information