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JSE Associates was initiated in 2012 to deliver quality public involvement processes, collaborative agreement building, and facilitation/collaboration training.

Jody Erikson, President/Founder

   Jody Erikson Jody has been designing public involvement and stakeholder engagement processes and trainings since 2000. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Human Communication at the University of Denver and achieved a Masters in Public Administration from University of Colorado, Denver. She is listed on the US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution’s (ECR) National Roster of Environmental Dispute Resolution and Consensus Building Professionals. Jody is a National Highway Institute Master Trainer.

Jody uses her neutrality on the outcome to bring success to projects. Her strategic questions bring forward the key purpose and question a process needs to achieve and designs engagement and information sharing elements to assist the public and clients in reaching satisfying outcomes. She works for the success of all. Jody’s experience covers a broad set of policy areas (environmental, natural resources, energy, public heath) across the United States and internationally.

International projects include:
  • Nepal
  • Cameroon
  • Spain

Jody Erikson


Associates are engaged on a project basis to increase available skills or to contribute subject matter expertise. Associates include:

   Caryn Anderson Caryn Anderson contributes technical, theoretical and operational expertise in knowledge management and cross-disciplinary knowledge integration, especially in government environments. She is an experienced information specialist with a Masters in Library and Information Science from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at Simmons College in Boston. Over the past decade, Caryn has managed doctoral programs at Simmons GSLIS and coordinated the integration of research across disciplines at The Australian National University in the complex social problem domains of evironment, public health and security. Most recently, she conducted comprehensive knowledge management programs for the United States Departments of State and Defense in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afganistan. She currently contributes to JSE Associates while completing her PhD at the Information School at the University of Illinois, where she is developing theory and methods for improving the translation of academic research into effective public policy.